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Reason # 1:

No other air purifier combines the 5 leading technologies.

Air Ionizer. The New-Aire XJ-3000C air purifier generates negative ions using stainless steel needlepoints: this produces a high concentration of negative ions for the life of the unit. Negative ions effectively remove ultra-small particles from the air, such as allergens, fine dust particles, chemical fumes, and others. Negative ions can even destroy viruses. The XJ-3000C, distributes ions throughout the room via the fan, so that it even cleans the air that does not pass through the unit.

HEPA Air Filter. High Efficiency Particle Arresting filters are the single most efficient filtration device available on the market - 99.97% of particles that pass through (.3 microns or larger) become trapped so they don't recirculate into the room. (Mycotic nail dust is typically 1-2 microns.) The powerful fan of the XJ-3000C channels a wide variety of particles through its HEPA air filter, including dust, pollens, mold spores, and other allergens. The New-Aire XJ-3000C's filter is economical ($32 for HEPA and activated carbon filters combined), and only needs to be replaced every one to two years. Filter replacement is extremely clean and easy. (How to Replace XJ-3000C Air Filter)

In most air filters captured bacteria and other micro-organisms reproduce. This does not happen in the XJ-3000C because the air ionizer and programmable ozone generator are located near the filter cartridge. Air ionizers and ozonators destroy bacteria, viruses, and other microbiological pollutants.

Programmable Ozone Production. With the XJ-3000C air purifier, you control the amount of ozone that is produced. The ozone can even be completely disabled, or produced in either minute amounts for filter sanitization, moderate amounts for a faint, fresh scent in the air, or higher amounts to eliminate strong odors. Unlike all other air purifiers that produce ozone, all the other air purifying functions of the XJ-3000C air purifier (including the air ionizer) can still run at 100% capacity even when the ozone function is completely disabled. Ozone is effective at eliminating odors, and destroying certain chemicals and micro-organisms

Germicidal UV Light. UV (ultraviolet) lamps destroy a large variety of microbiological contaminates, including viruses, germs, bacteria, and fungi (such as mold). They have been used in the medical field, including hospitals, for decades to sanitize rooms and equipment. UV light has been recommended by the Centers for Disease Control for this purpose. In addition to destroying microbes that pass through the air tunnel of the XJ-3000C, the UV lamp also sterilizes the filter, preventing microorganisms trapped in the filter from reproducing or breeding.

Activated Carbon Air Filter. Activated carbon is the most absorbent type of filter material available, removing a wode variety of chemicals, smoke and odors.

Importance of multiple technologies. These five technologies function as a complete air purification system. No single air purification technology is effective at removing every type of common indoor air pollutant. With the assortment of technologies used in the XJ-3000C, there is always at least one purifying method effective at removing every important airborne pollutant.

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Reason # 2:

The XJ-3000C uses two or more ways to remove nearly every type of pollutant in the air 

Pollen, Dust, Pet Dander and Other Allergens Pre-filter
HEPA filter
Dust Mites Removed from the air by the HEPA filter & the Air Ionizer

Destroyed by UV light & Ozone

Mold Spores are removed from the air by the HEPA filter & the Air Ionizer

Biologically deactivated UV light & Ozone

Chemicals and Gases Absorbed by the Activated Carbon Filter

Some chemicals and gasses are neutralized by the Air Ionizer & Ozone

Cigarette Smoke Smoke particles are removed by the Activated Carbon Filter and Ionization

The smell is eliminated by Ozone & activated carbon

Bacteria Trapped by the HEPA filter

Removed and disinfected by Ionization

Destroyed by UV light & Ozone

Viruses Destroyed by UV light & the Air Ionizer
Strong Odors Eliminated by Ozone, Activated Carbon Filter & UV light

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Reason # 3

Inexpensive Air Filter and UV Replacement

The HEPA air filter, the activated carbon air filter and the germicidal pre-filter are built into the same filter cartridge, making filter replacement for the XJ-3000C simple and economical - much more so than other room air filters. The three-stage filter cartridge costs under $35, and only needs to be replaced every one to two years. They last as long as they do because the sanitization effect of the negative ions and ozone in the XJ-3000C increase the life of its air filters.

Inexpensive UV Lamp Replacement. $15 in replacement costs every 1-2 years.

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Reason # 4

Clean and Easy Air Filter Replacement

Replacing the pre-filter/HEPA/activated carbon filter cartridge is a simple matter of removing the front cover, tipping out the old air filter and inserting the new one. The front cover snaps right back on. The air filters can be removed without getting your hands dirty. No tools are needed, as they are with other air purifiers. (How to Replace the Air Filter Cartridge).

You only have to change the filter cartridge every 12-24 months, and takes under a minute. Other purifiers require a complicated maintenance ritual several times a month.

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Reason # 5:

Air Filter Sterilization

Ionization, UV and Ozone Prevent Micro-Organisms from Reproducing. Most air filters are the perfect habitat for trapped microbes to reproduce, allowing high quantities of them to recirculate into the air.  In the DPM-Aire XJ-3000C, microbes are destroyed by the ionization, UV and ozone before they can reproduce.

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Reason # 6

Inexpensive to Operate

The XJ-3000C consumes 40 watts or less. Even if run continuously it costs less than $5 a month in electricity, thanks to its advanced, energy-efficient design. By contrast, most air filters will add over $100 a year to your power bill, and some actually increase your electricity bill by $200 or more per year.

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Reason # 7

Quiet, Powerful Fan

On the lowest setting, the fan of the XJ-3000C is barely audible. Even on the powerful high setting you won't find it disturbing.

The Fan has a dual function:

  1. It draws airborne particles in through the HEPA and activated carbon air filters , which collect and remove these contaminants from the air. 
  2. The strong air flow created by the fan blows the negative ions throughout the room, resulting in a much higher ion concentration than most air ionizers -- even at a greater distance from the purifier. When the ozone is turned on, the fan also ensures that it that, too, is well distributed, helping to prevent the "bleach-like" smell ozone can cause.
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Reason # 8

Everything You Want in an Air Ionizer

  • Stainless Steel, Ion-Producing Needlepoints. 
    Needlepoints produce a higher output of negative ions than any other method. Unfortunately, most needlepoint ionizers use a non-durable material. Unlike other needlepoint types that only last a matter of months, stainless steel needlepoints will last the life of the XJ-3000C Air Purifier.
  • Fan +Needlepoints = High Ion Levels Throughout Room. 
    The XJ-3000C uses needlepoint ionization. This is the highest ion-producing method available. Plus, the fan ensures that the negative ion concentrations will be very high even at a distance from the air purifier. No other ionic air purifier ionizers a room more thoroughly.
  • Powerful Collection Method for Ionized Particles. 
    Negative ions cause pollutants in the air to clump. Many air ionizers do not have any way to collect these ionized particles, so many particles stay in the air.
    Although electrically charged metal plates are an effective collection method, the system of pre-filter/HEPA filter/activated carbon filter in the XJ-3000C will collect far more particles, especially with the fan drawing them into the filters. For that reason, a far greater volume of particles are drawn into the unit (as compared to metal collection plates), and the collected particles are far less likely to be recirculated into the room.
    Importantly, metal collection plates need to be cleaned every week or two. (More frequently if the unit is near a pollution source, such as burning candles.) With a filtration system like the one in the XJ-3000C you change a single filter unit once every 12-24 months.
  • No Black Wall Effect.
    An air ionizer that doesn't incorporate a collection device will cause "black wall effect," where the high density of ionized particles close to the air ionizer will attract to the closest electrically charged surface -- normally the wall space within a few feet of the unit. In the XJ-3000C, the ionized particles close to the air purifier are drawn into the air filter cartridge by the fan, where they stay trapped. And if those particles happen to be microbes, they are killed by UV and Ozone.
  • Combination of Other Technologies. 
    No other air ionizer combines ionization with HEPA and activated carbon air filtration, along with programmable/optional ozone capabilities.
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Reason # 9

Everything You Want in an Ozone-Producing Air Purifier

  • Timer.
    If you want to treat a space with a strong level of ozone for 1, 2, or 4 hours while you are gone, then you can simply use the timer. The XJ-3000C will automatically turn off after the specified amount of time, preventing the ozone from building up too much while you are away.
  • Will Not Inhibit You From Using Other Air Purifier Functions.
    Many ionic air purifiers need to be turned off in order to limit the ozone production, which also shuts down the ion output. With the New-Aire XJ-3000C, the ozone can be completely disabled even if the ionizer remains on, so you can continue to benefit from the ionization.
  • Programmable Ozone Output.
    Different amounts of Ozone are appropriate for various situations. With the XJ-3000C the Ozone can be completely disabled or set to Medium or Low when moderate ozone levels are needed, and to High to remove strong odors.
  • In the typical sized treatment room, you'll likely want to set the unit to run continuously at the medium ozone output level. Using the timer you can select the high ozone level for use at times during the lunch hour and at the end of the day, to better sterilize the room.
  • Other situations when the sterilization and odor-killing benefits of the high ozone setting might be appropritate include
    • When treating a patient with poor hygiene.
    • Before and during office surgical procedures.
    • When treating patients with foul-smelling wounds.
    • During chemcical or laser procedures.

Programmable Ozone Generator Details    

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Reason # 10

Affordable for One Treatment Room or an Entire Medical Office

Most Affordable Whole-Office Air Purification System. The most effective way to purify the air throughout the medical suite is to place individual air purifiers in each treatment room, and the other office areas. At $179 each (or less in quantity), the XJ-3000C air purifier is the most effective way to achieve this, at a reasonable price.

The first place you'd want to use the New-Aire purification system is in the treatment rooms where you perform procedures that create dust or chemical vapors, and where you need to maintain a higher level of cleanliness. If you keep your treatment room doors open between patients and at night these units will also take care of adjoining areas.

Other areas where the New-Aire purifier is appropriate include

  • The waiting room
  • The front office work area near the file cabinets, as dust mites are as happy to inhabit your files as your pillows at home.
  • If you set aside an area for lunch breaks, you'll want to use an air purifier to eliminate food odors, such as microwaved popcorn and pizza.
  • In or near your darkroom if the fumes aren't nailed by a purifier that is already nearby.
  • To accomodate any allergy or asthma sufferer working in the office.
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Reason # 11

Great Customer Support

DPM-Aire is a division of DocuForms, a trusted supplier to the podiatric profession for over a decade, serving thousands of podiatrists across the country. Because we have practicing podiatrists on our staff we understand your professional needs and concerns.

3-Year Warranty and 60-day Money-Back Guarantee. DPM-Aire offers a longer warranty period than that offered by most air purifier suppliers and manufacturers (3-year warranty), as well as a 90-day replacement policy and an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee. The 60-day guarantee period does not begin until you receive your XJ-3000C ionic air purifier.

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Professional Courtesy - If you order in the month of April you can count your current purchase toward quantity pricing on any more units you purchase in the next 30 days.

Prove to yourself how effective this air purifier is - 60 day Money Back Guarantee. You must be completely satisfied or return your product for refund.

The XJ-3000C features:

  • Low & Efficient Energy Consumption
  • No Weekly Maintenance (Like Infomercial Brands)
  • Each unit covers 500 sq ft
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • 60-day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Portable & Compact 10 lbs., 15" (W), 13" (H), 7.75 (D)
  • 3-Stage Air Filter Cartridge and UV Lamp Included