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Particles Must Be Collected

Why particle collection is a must. 

  • Without a collection method, all of the ionized particles removed from the air will settle to the ground and other surfaces, or attach to nearby walls. An air filter or metal dust collection plate will capture at least some, if not much of these particles, removing them from the environment.
  • A collection method, such as a filter or metal dust collection plate, will prevent "black wall effect", which occurs when the high density of ionized particles within a few feet of the unit attach to nearby walls, resulting in a hard-to-remove residue. Any high-output air ionizer without a collection method will cause black wall.

Air Filter vs. Metal Dust Collection Plate

Collection Method Type Air Filter Metal Dust Collection Plate
Amount of particles removed High volume, especially if a fan is used Moderate to Low Volume
Particle collection efficiency Excellent, especially if a HEPA air filter is used, which have the highest efficiency for a filter. Fair
Prevents Black Wall Effect Yes
Cleaning/Replacing Periodic replacement required Frequent Cleaning and other maintenance steps

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You Need Needlepoint Ionization

The Highest Negative Ion Output Compared to other Ion-Producing Methods

Ion-Producing Method

Negative Ion Concentration


Needlepoint Ionization Very High Stainless Steel = Excellent
Other = Fair/Poor 
Ionizing Wires Somewhat Low Fair/Poor
Corona Discharge Low Excellent/Good
UV Light Low Good/Fair

Needlepoint Ionization - High-voltage current is applied to metal "pins," causing them to emit a very high concentration of negative ions into the air.

Ionizing Wires - Found in the Sharper Image Ionic Breeze air purifier. An electrical discharge is sent through the wire to generate negative ions. Requires complicated, delicate cleaning every few weeks. Learn more.

(Our XJ-3000C Air Purifier does not use ionizing wires. Therefore, Maintenance is much simpler, and is only needed every 12-24 months.)

Corona Discharge - High-voltage discharge is created by this design to produce a high level of ozone. Negative ions are produced only as a byproduct, so the production is low, and is accompanied by substantial amounts of ozone.

UV Light - Produces germicidal ultraviolet light wavelengths, and can be configured to also produce ozone. If ozone is created, negative ions are produced as a byproduct, but only in low levels.

The Ionizer in our XJ3000-C Air Purifier uses Needlepoint Ionization.

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The Components Must Be Durable

The manufacturer should use Stainless Steel - This allows an air ionizer to last the life of the unit, instead of only a matter of months.

The highest performing air ionizers use "needlepoint" ionization - and stainless steel is by far the most durable type of needlepoint available. Most air ionizers use other, less durable needlepoints, which will stop producing significant negative ion levels after only a matter of months. Stainless steel needlepoints will last the life of the air ionizer.

Corrosion-Resistant. Because it is resistant to corrosion, stainless steel lasts much longer, allowing an air ionizer to maintain a high ion-output over the life of the unit. Corrosion causes other types of air ionizers (that do not use stainless steel needlepoints) to quickly degrade.

Our XJ-3000C Air Purifier uses stainless steel needlepoints.

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You Need a Built-in Fan for the Best Ion Circulation

Ionic Air Purifier w/Fan

Ionic Air Purifier w/out Fan

Negative Ion Concentration

High throughout entire room High nearby unit, but not throughout entire room
Particle Collection Excellent Fair
Noise Whisper quiet Silent (unless the unit is dirty, in which case you will hear a popping sound, like a bug zapper.)

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Price - You Don't Have To Overpay

Best Value, Most Effective (Ionic / HEPA Air Purifier Combination)

Negative ionization is a highly effective and practical air purification technology, but ionic air purifiers do have their drawbacks (as do all technologies). Hence, the ultimate air purifier would utilize other technologies to compliment and maximize the effectiveness of an ionizer, including the best filtration (i.e. HEPA & activated carbon) and sanitization systems (ozonation and ultraviolet).

Air purifiers combining this mix of technologies typically run around $500. In quantity our XJ-3000C is priced as low as $129, and you still get the performance found in the other, much higher-priced ionizer/HEPA filter combination air purifiers.

Until now, the only air purifiers that combined this mix of effective technologies costs $1000.00 or more. Hence they were only found in hospital type settings where a clean room environment was needed or in the homes of the most severe and desperate allergy suffers. Now, with the XJ-3000C priced at $179.00 (or less in quantity) this advanced technology is available to everyone. Now, you don't have to settle for an air purifier that is 'almost as good as' — you can have the best.

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Size and Shape Matter

Generally, an ionic air purifier is most effective when placed at a higher location, such as on a bookshelf. Compact air ionizers units are far better suited for optimal placement. When originating at a higher starting point, the negative ions have a better chance of circulating around the room.

This does not apply to ionic air purifiers with a fan, where the air is blown out from the top, since the air current blows the negative ions upward, while circulating the ions thoroughly throughout the room.

Our XJ-3000C Air Purifier blows air out the top, effectively circulating the negative ions throughout an entire room.

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Professional Courtesy - If you order in the month of April you can count your current purchase toward quantity pricing on any more units you purchase in the next 30 days.

Prove to yourself how effective this air purifier is - 60 day Money Back Guarantee. You must be completely satisfied or return your product for refund.

The XJ-3000C features:

  • Low & Efficient Energy Consumption
  • No Weekly Maintenance (Like Infomercial Brands)
  • Each unit covers 500 sq ft
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • 60-day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Portable & Compact 10 lbs., 15" (W), 13" (H), 7.75 (D)
  • 3-Stage Air Filter Cartridge and UV Lamp Included