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First, this comparison from a user: "Now let me drop a note to how much we love our [XJ-3000] air cleaner! It is more effective than Sharper Image's Quadra. I am more than satisfied. I am delighted beyond belief as to how well this product works. I have had the most expensive hepa filters and none compare to your product. I am so lucky to have found you."
- C. McElrath, New York

Ion Output

  • The New-Aire XJ-3000C is a true air ionizer that produces air-cleaning negative ions.
  • The Ionic Breeze Quadra air purifiers produce only very low amounts.

The air-cleaning benefits of negative ions are well understood and established in the scientific community. The XJ-3000C contains two high-density negative ion generators.

Air Filters versus Metal Collector Plates

  • The Ionic Breeze uses a metal collector plate grid to collect particles. (The manufacture's instructions state that you should clean these plate every 1-2 weeks — or more frequently as necessary and perform other more elaborate maintenance steps...)
  • The XJ-3000C ionic air filter uses a HEPA and activated carbon combination air filter system. (The easy to change 3 stage HEPA filter will last between 1-2 years in most environments and costs less than $35.00 to replace)

Since the XJ-3000C draws air in with a fan, it collects far more pollutants. Further, the HEPA and activated carbon room air filters are far more absorbent than metal collection plates, and that prevents particles from becoming recirculated into the air.

Fan versus No Fan

  • The Ionic Breeze has no fan, making it virtually silent (except when it needs cleaning, then it will make popping sounds similar to a bug zapper).
  • The XJ-3000C uses a fan that is whisper-quiet (especially on the low setting), making it effective at drawing a high volume of particulate into its cartridge of air filters.

Importantly, the fan also circulates the negative ions much more thoroughly throughout a room or area compared to a fan-less ionic air purifier. These ions cause particles to clump together, becoming too heavy to float in the air.

Germicidal UV Light Purification

  • The XJ-3000C contains a germicidal UV lamp to destroy germs, viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms.
  • The Ionic Breeze Quadra does not offer this added germicidal protection, but the Ionic Breeze GP does.

The Ionic Breeze GP is priced at $499.

The UV lamps in each unit will need to be changed every year or so.
The UV lamp replacement for the XJ-3000C costs about $15.00.
The UV lamp replacement for the Ionic Breeze GP costs about $20.00.

Ozone Control

Both the XJ-3000C ionic air filter and the Ionic Breeze produce ozone. Ozone has air cleaning ability, but it can also cause an odor that is not always desirable.

  • The XJ-3000C ozone generator can be completely turned off without having to disable the negative ions, or the air filtration.
  • In order to disable the ozone in the Ionic Breeze, the machine has to be turned off.

The ozone output of the XJ-3000C can also be set to a significantly higher level than what the Ionic Breeze can create, making it more effective at removing odors when needed.


  • The XJ-3000C HEPA & ionic air purifier is much more affordable, starting at $179.
  • The Ionic Breeze retails at $350.

The XJ-3000C does have the HEPA/activated carbon air filter combination cartridge that needs to be replaced every one to two years, but it costs under $35 per replacement.

Power Consumption

  • The XJ-3000C air purifier uses just 40 watts of electricity or less, depending on the options selected, which equates to just a few bucks or so a month in electricity costs.
  • The Ionic Breeze uses 10 watts.
  • The Ionic Breeze GP uses just 28 watts

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Special Tryout Offer
60 day Money Back Guarantee. You must be completely satisfied or return your product for refund.

The XJ-3000C features:

  • Low & Efficient Energy Consumption
  • No Weekly Maintenance (Like Infomercial Brands)
  • Each unit covers 500 sq ft
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • 60-day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Portable & Compact 10 lbs., 15" (W), 13" (H), 7.75 (D)
  • 3-Stage Air Filter Cartridge and UV Lamp Included