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I love them! I cannot overstate this enough. I have been so impressed [with the XJ-3000C]. My house is now dust-free. I have no smell or sight of mold. I've had no side effects from the purifiers either. Very interestingly, my family no longer passes viral illnesses amongst one another. If one of my sons picks up a virus or something at school, neither I nor the other child contract it now that we use the [XJ-3000C] purifiers. Before this, like in every other house, if one family member became sick, everybody would.

Dr. Teresa Watts - Pediatric Pulmonologist (Lung Specialist)

I have long been an advocate of HEPA filtration in the dental office to address bacterial aerosols generated during routine treatment. With its multi-technology approach, the XJ3000C has taken this concept to an entirely new level. The combination of HEPA filtration, ionization, UV light, and adjustable ozone production in one compact unit clearly sets this apart from the rest. In particular, the variability of the ozone production is an exceptional design feature, maximizing health benefits while minimizing the possibility of building up excessive ozone levels. The XJ3000C will certainly be found in my dental office as well as my home.

Dr. Leonard R. Ciuffreda, Jr., DDS (Freehold, NJ - FreeholdDentist.com)
- Fellow, American Association of Integrative Medicine
- Diplomate, American Academy of Pain Management

I, in particular, have a lot of problems with breathing. We put the New-Aire XJ-3000C in the bedroom and it made a very big difference. Even my husband told me that he sleeps better. We really like it a lot. We plan to buy another. We had bought another brand before this, which we returned because it was very, very noisy. It was not good. I have recommended the New-Aire to friends. I found the website easy to use, delivery was fast - really, the whole experience was great.

H. Mulliner, Woodland Hills, CA

This New-Aire user wrote us with their brush fire experience:

We live in the Burbank Hills. In late September, 2005, a large brush fire came so close to our house that we were told to prepare to evacuate. We kept our year-old New-Aire purifiers running full force for the next few days. The fire didn't reach our street, but the whole neighborhood was covered with soot and ash and the smoky smell was everywhere.

Everywhere except inside our house, that is. The New-Aire purifiers kept our house smelling clean and fresh, and there was no soot or ash on any surface. Thanks to our New-Aires I didn't have to worry about the air my three year-old daughter was breathing in our house.

Thanks for this great product!

J.P., Burbank

My wife's nose has stopped running. When I asked her if we should keep these, she said 'buy two more.' Thank you!

Irving B, Corona del Mar, CA

We received our New-Aire XJ-3000C air purifier on Saturday and we LOVE IT. My husband and I noticed a difference in the air quality immediately. My husband wants to buy another one to place in my daughters room. I told the ladies here at work how wonderful it was and I'm hoping my testimonials will be able to get you some additional business. I simply wanted to thank you -- IT'S GREAT.

Gina N, Mesa, AZ

I just have to tell you how much my husband and I love our XJ-3000C Air purifier.

I admit I was a skeptic. I have some allergies and other respiratory issues and I really didn't think it would make any difference. However, after using our purifier after one night ( in our bedroom) I am now convinced!

I woke up the next morning feeling much more rested and with clearer sinuses.

And according to my husband he was much more rested as well, as he said (and I hate admitting this) I didn't snore! Believe me he has since tested this and sure enough when it is off I go back to snoring again!

Susie McCollum, Peoria, Arizona

I purchased my New-Aire XJ-3000C 8 months ago because I was suffering from chronic sinus infections and allergies from all the things that grow in our damp climate. Since installing it, I have not been sick and my allergy symptoms have disappeared. Needless to say, I have very much enjoyed my New-Aire.

Kelly B, Birmingham, AL

I just want to say thanks for the New-Aire Air Purifier (XJ-3000C). It does what your ad said it would do. I would never have ordered something like this without seeing it first but because of your guarantee and free shipping I figured I had nothing to lose.

Previously I had a competitors product which, by the way, cost double the price, that I purchased on the advice of some friends saying it was the best on the market. Well, that proved not to be the case and I was very disappointed. Again, I was reluctant to purchase another Air Purifier but living here in Arizona with our dry weather and all the dust and allergens felt like I needed to keep looking. I came across your ad by accident and decided to give it a try. All I can say is WOW! finally something that does what it says it does. I can't tell you how pleased I am. I sleep better, breath better etc. etc.

Recently my friends came for a visit and after sleeping in the guest room where I keep another one, could not believe the difference. I just heard from them that they are now owners of the New-Aire purifiers (they purchased three) and couldn't be happier.

Thanks Again, we will continue to rave about your product here in the Valley of the Sun!

Don Scott, Scottsdale, Arizona

Here's my evaluation of the XJ3000 air purifier--great! The ability to control the ozone generation makes this unit far superior to the "Living Air" and "Ionic Breeze" purifiers, which happen to be much more expensive. I believe the manufacturers of the XJ3000 had in mind the welfare of those consumers who do not like a heavy presence of ozone in the air--that "fresh, mountain-like air" smell touted as so wonderful by the "Living Air" and "Ionic Breeze" ads but which many of us find disagreeable.

With the XJ3000, I put the ozone setting on low when I leave the house (to sanitize the HEPA filter), and when I return, there is just a slight hint of ozone in the air, which disappears quickly when change the (ozone) setting to "off."

I have a litter box for my cat in my living room, and the thick dust caused from the litter being pushed around used to settle on everything in the room - the tv, stereo equipment, recording equipment, desk, computer, etc, and I always knew that wasn't good for the health of these components. Now, all these items are dust-free, thanks to the XJ3000, and I have to conclude that my lungs are now free of this dust as well! I couldn't ask for more from an air purifier, and I will buy another one soon for the bedroom. Thank you very much!

R. Bell California

The XJ-3000C Hepa & Ionic Air purifier surpasses my expectations in every way. Even on its lowest setting, it purifies the air throughout my apartment. Its fan is powerful yet soothingly quiet. It has a sleek design and is constructed to last. I leave my unit on night and day. Now I breathe more freely inside my apartment than out of doors. If I had a larger dwelling, I would not hesitate to purchase several New-Aire purifiers. Thank you, New-Aire. You have my highest recommendation.

Bob Heymann, President, Beacon Wine Company, Inc., San Francisco

Dear Heath,
Thank you so much for your kindness, time and consideration in making mine and several of my friends lives just that much more lung-wise healthier. Now we're all looking forward to a much more more healthy, cleaner 2005 with our XJ-3000C's.

J.R. Dennis, Reseda, CA

Now let me drop a note to how much we love our [XJ-3000] air cleaner! It is more effective than Sharper Image's Quadra. We live in a one bedroom apartment. My husband is not supposed to smoke but often does. I have to throw him out of the house. It was always an uncomfortable situation. I used to smell the cigarette from the first drag. Now, he can smoke the whole cigarette while in the living room and me in the bedroom (as usual) well I never even smell the cigarette at all. I am more than satisfied. I am delighted beyond belief as to how well this product works. Whoever designed this is a genius! I have had the most expensive hepa filters and none compare to your product. I am so lucky to have found you.

C. McElrath, New York

By the way, my elderly dad and I are both skeptics, so we were naturally resistant to the testimonials on your site - largely attributing them to the placebo effect. I'm happy to report that after one night of using the XJ3000 we've already noticed a great improvement in the air quality and a consequent improvement in our breathing; moreover, our minds actually seem sharper as a result of the higher quality oxygen. Funny enough, I'm now engaged in a campaign to convince other family members to buy the unit!

J. Eskew, California

My XJ-3000C -- I love it!! Please use me as a reference.

K.L., Ohio

We would like to thank you for your courtesy and efficiency in confirming our Email order.  We were pleasantly surprised to receive the three air purifiers in a matter of only a couple of days.  They were well packed and arrived in very good condition.

Best of all, the purifiers really do an exceptional job of clearing and refreshing the air in a number of different situations.  Our home was built to be especially energy efficient, tightly insulated, so air can become rather stale in midwinter when windows cannot be opened.  The purifiers make the air seem nearly as fresh as if a window had been open.  We find that we sleep more soundly and breathe more freely at night when a unit is operating in the bedroom.

The best test, we think, has been how well a unit has operated for our daughter who lives in an apartment that has been constantly and heavily polluted by the smoke seeping from a chain-smoking neighbor's apartment into her own.  She had tried other air cleaners with only disappointing results.  With only one [XJ-3000C] unit, the heavy smell of smoke has been cleared and she can once again breathe freely and healthily.

Thank you for making an effective and affordable product that does not continually add to the expense by requiring many filter changes over the life of the machine.  If its longevity matches its basic performance, you will have several very satisfied customers.


Mrs. E.J.P. O'Connor, North Carolina

I have always been skeptical of "reviews" and "testimonials" on products, thinking "Are they Really from customers?", and "Who has the time to write to companies about a product?". I now have the answer because here I am. I do not have allergies and all the problems stated by other customers, but I DO smoke, and HATE the way my house smells, not to mention the brown sticky nicotine that is on everything in the house.

After returning another well advertised air filter system that cost 3 times the amount of this one (XJ3000C), I thought I was stupid to order another one, but due to the warranty and the free shipping of your product, I decided I had nothing to lose. Within just a few minutes after I plugged it in I knew one thing - I Loved the smell. It reminded me of the air in Cancun. Now I would test it. I smoked 2 cigarettes (that was not real easy), puffing on one and burning up the other one in the ashtray. I went outside for not even 5 minutes. When I walked in the room, not only did it not reek of cigarette smoke, but "that smell" was wonderful. I even told my sister that it reminded of the Calgon commercial of "takes me away".

So I was hooked instantly and still am after 3 months. Every time I walk into the living room it is like taking a little break. Now I am feeling that this is sounding really "corny". Anyway I cleaned every item in the room that first day to test for the collection of nicotine. One month later I repeated the cleaning but stopped after a few minutes due to the fact that there was nothing there, not even the awful dust I normally have. What an unexpected and wonderful surprise. If this was not enough, I do not have the expense of having to buy expensive filters all the time and do all the cleaning the others require. I also like the safety feature of it cutting itself off when the lights blink or go out.

My sister asked me if I was getting a commission off of these units because I rave about it so much, and a friend said I needed to be a representative for the company. I guess I am repeating myself too much with my bragging about how great it is. So here I am taking all this time to try to write to you. My point? I Love this product. I would have easily paid that other 400.00 for this unit. Now don't get any ideas- :) Thank you so much for providing this product. And now I have written my first review

Marsha Smith, Alto, Texas

I've had my two units for a few months now and they're really great, especially around allergy seasons.

Jeff C, Oak Park, CA

I totally love my New-Aire XJ-3000C. My sister also suffers from allergies, I am going to see to it that she get one, too! Its so quiet that I find myself going over to check that it's still working. The XJ-3000C works so much better and maintenance is so easy compared to my previous two brands of air purifiers. Congratulations on an excellent product.

Donna W, Valencia CA

I bought one about 6 months ago and it is working great.

E.N., Burbank, CA, written on an order for two more New-Aires.

Professional Courtesy - If you order in the month of you can count your current purchase toward quantity pricing on any more units you purchase in the next 30 days.

Prove to yourself how effective this air purifier is - 60 day Money Back Guarantee. You must be completely satisfied or return your product for refund.

The XJ-3000C features:

  • Low & Efficient Energy Consumption
  • No Weekly Maintenance (Like Infomercial Brands)
  • Each unit covers 500 sq ft
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Portable & Compact 10 lbs., 15" (W), 13" (H), 7.75 (D)
  • 3-Stage Air Filter Cartridge and UV Lamp Included