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Low Maintenance

Obviously the first thing you will be looking for in an air purifier system for your office is its effectiveness. Further, it has to be able to run continuously without your having to give it much attention.

Your staff is too busy to perform the kind of complicated weekly maintenance many air purification systems require.

The maintenance on the New-Aire XJ-3000C consists of an occasional inspection, the changing of a single three-stage filtration unit every 12-24 months, and changing the UV lamp every 12-15 months. Replacing these parts is inexpensive and very simple. Each of these tasks will take no longer than one minute.

Many other air purification systems require weekly disassembly, cleaning of collection plates, cleaning of ionizers, shaking, inverting, overnight drying and reassembly. THEN you have to test those units to make sure this whole ritual has been effective. (If it hasn't, you have to repeat steps, or carry out an even more elaborate set of procedures.)

Air purification should be carried out in the background. If you don't want your staff to waste precious time maintaining your air purification system, use the New-Aire XJ-3000C.

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Built-In Air Ionizer

By increasing the size of the particles drawn into the filter, an air ionizer increases the effectiveness of an air filter. Negative ions cause airborne particles to electrically clump together, forming larger particles which become trapped by the filter.

If the negative ion generator uses a fan it will also circulate trillions of ions throughout a room, removing pollutants far away from the air filter filter itself. Pollutants far from from the purifier don't get filtered, but in the presence of the ions that are sent out from the generator they clump together and become too heavy to float in the air and settle to the ground where conventional cleaning methods can be employed to remove them.

The New-Aire XJ-3000C uses a high density needlepoint ionizer to produce a high concentration of negative ions.

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HEPA Air Filter

The HEPA air purifier is by far the most effective type of air filter, trapping 99.97% of pullutants down to 0.3 microns (300 times smaller than the width of a human hair.

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Activated Carbon Air Filter

Activated carbon is is the most absorbent of all air filter types. It's highly effective at removing a wide variety of chemicals from the air, in addition to cigarette smoke and odors.

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Must Have: Filter Sterilization

Unfortunately, most room air filters serve as a breeding ground for bacteria and the other microbes they trap. Air filtration systems with an ionizer, ozone generator, or germicidal UV lamp (the most effective of filter sterilizers) located close to the filter will prevent this from happening, by destroying micro-organisms trapped in the filter.

The XJ-3000C air purifier uses a germicidal UV lamp, ionization and an ozone generator located close to the filter to prevent microbes from reproducing and/or breeding.

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Long Lasting Air Filters

It's important to have an air filter that will last a long time between replacements - it's not something you want to have to do every few weeks. The XJ-3000C air purifiction system has a single, easy-to-replace combination air filter cartridge consisting of a HEPA and activated carbon air filter, which lasts one to two years under typical environmental loads in waiting rooms, offices and residential settings before requiring replacement. Units placed in treatment rooms will likely require more frequent filter changes depending on the levels of bio-aerosols, chemicals and fines from casting materials generated in the room. That, of course, is good news - these are contaminants that won't end up in your lungs and eyes.

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Inexpensive Filter Replacement

It's important to determine the cost of replacement filters before buying an air purification system. The XJ-3000C filter cartridge costs under $35 to replace. By comparison, many air filter systems use filters that cost well over a hundred dollars to replace.

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Low Electricity Consumption

Some air filters add well over $100 or $200 a year to the electricity bill every year. The XJ-3000C air purifier uses just 40 watts of electricity or less, depending on the options selected, which equates to just a few dollars or so a month in electricity costs.

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Low Noise

Many air filters is that they are loud, they represent a significant distraction. Yet, you only run them when you are not present their ability to keep the air clean on an ongoing basis is limited. The XJ-3000C is very quiet, especially when the fan is on the "Low" setting, where it is barely audible. Even on the high fan speed setting, the XJ-3000C is not at all disturbing.

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Professional Courtesy - If you order in the month of April you can count your current purchase toward quantity pricing on any more units you purchase in the next 30 days.

Prove to yourself how effective this air purifier is - 60 day Money Back Guarantee. You must be completely satisfied or return your product for refund.

The XJ-3000C features:

  • Low & Efficient Energy Consumption
  • No Weekly Maintenance (Like Infomercial Brands)
  • Each unit covers 500 sq ft
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • 60-day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Portable & Compact 10 lbs., 15" (W), 13" (H), 7.75 (D)
  • 3-Stage Air Filter Cartridge and UV Lamp Included